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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Weekend Frohlichs

So as is customary with all fashion blogs, here is the weekly "What I Wore on the Weekend" feature:

Swish huh? Was feeling rather metal so had to give in to a certain level of cliché. And yes, my legs were freezing all night!

So I took myself down to the nouveau chic gig of the week, being the Ghast, Necrosadistic Goat Torture, Virophage and Towers of Flesh:


All in all, was a pretty awesome gig, though sadly, having yet to move my camera from the old flat to the new abode, I couldn't take any kvlt fashion pictures (all the corpse paint and Darkthrone tees and what not).

Fingers crossed it won't be too long until another wicked gig comes up, though as far as I am aware, that would be the next Red Raven club night at the Hobgoblin, on 17 March 2012, featuring De Profundis (to play their kick ass new album), and Inconcessus Lux Lucis.

Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello all to a second post by yours truly.

I thought I'd share some of my recent awesome metal finds for the week. Some of them perhaps don't scream metal at a first glance, but will most definitely get other metal-head-heads turning.

Topping the charts for me are some of Nubia/Vodabox's new products:

Vodabox - Leather Look Tail Waistcoat - Click Image to Close

An amazing faux leather waistcoat. Available from Kinky Angel for £53.99:

Vodabox - Kimono Shrug & Wrap w/ leather look Trim & Polo Neck - Click Image to Close
A very winter appropriate, subtle kimono (for those who are shocked by some of the PVC versions out there by lip service (see below)). Available from Kinky Angel for £65.99:

Lip Service - Looks That Kill - Geisha Dress - Blue/Black PVC - Click Image to Close <------ When fashion turns to costume. and WAY too much PVC (I know we're metal, but we don't want to look like a bit of stainless steel!)

Some other awesome high street finds:

Miss Selfridge Project #1 mesh dress. Available at Miss Selfridge for £49.00:^language:undefined^currencySymbol:undefined^preferredUrl:undefined^viewed:true^explicit:false

Goldie Virginia Dress. Available at Topshop for £69.00:£^^langId:-1^country:United%20Kingdom^language:English^explicit:true^viewed:true^storeId:12556^salesCatalogId:33057

Bolongaro Trevor Poloma lace jacket. Available at Bolongaro Trevor for £130.00:

Kimikal Electra Snake dress. Available at Apparel Addiction for USD $169.00 (approx £106.00):

The super sexy Transparenze Jessenia hold ups. Available at UK Tights for £15.95:

For those of you who haven't already discovered these amazing shoes (or indeed the amazing Jeffrey Campbell). These Lita shoes are pretty much to die for. I never understood why stockists only ever stock the plainest of the Jeffrey Campbells.......sigh. Thankfully, they are available at Solestruck for USD$189.95 (approx £120), which has an amazing international delivery service, fully tracked:

Here is an example of some of the tragic British fashion rock and roll crimes we have to deal with:

Cheapest Leg Avenue Women's Star Sequin Mini Dress
Leg Avenue Star Sequin mini dress. Available at Leg Avenue for £43.08:


Biker heart wings wallet. Available at Vampire UK for £17.05:

For the more daring...Amazing latex additions to Breathless latex. From £100.

The slightly comical but very kvlt boot covers. Available at ASOS Marketplace for £79.00:

Post Apocalyptic Clothing Steampunk Goth Shredded Metal Punk Woven Deconstructed Distressed topZombie Steampunk Clothing Post Apocalyptic Goth Punk Slashed Shredded Shirt

Amazing Post Apocalyptic style clothing by Angela Benedict. Available at Etsy from £20.00:

Happy shopping!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Flame it

Hello all,

I never thought I would get into blogging, but having had to spend most of my life ordering all my favourite fashion item from the US, I figured it was time to become wholesomely self absorbed in a written public documentation of my rage. (I mean, do ALL metal chics really have to wear fishnet tights and D rings?)

In the process (fingers crossed), try and identify some awesome items you can get here in the UK (that aren't the usual band shirt or lace skater dress), or order online overseas, and maybe even spark a mini metal fashion revolution. Hmmmm

So here goes:

Prada's super awesome flame shoes alone should be a reason to get us ladies out of the horrible, stubby Demonias that make feet look like large clumps of black glutinous rice. 

Somewhat ironically, these shoes have all been given a big fat X by most fashion bloggers, thus making them even more metal-worthy.

prada flame-prada rosetoe flame sandal

Unfortunately, they are around £500 a pair (and not yet available in the UK), so we are yet again stuck with hooker/pole shoes albeit at a much better value. So here are some of the better ones...

Bordello Rhinestone Flame Shoes
Bordello's Teeze flame rhinestone shoes. Available for £81.99 at Kate's Clothing:

M5291-S12 Aguja High Heeled Platform Boots Silver Flame Detail
These awesome custom made New Rock silver flame boots. Available for £159.99 from Silver Heart:

Pleaser flame lace up boots. Available at a lavishly metal price of £66.06 from Sinful Temptations:

Now for some other awesome flaming must haves (that we will never afford):

and some other awesome flaming things we can afford (yay!):

Millinery headpeace, Up In Flames Hot Rod Hat.
Custom flame fascinator (£120):

Custom Made Flame Clutch with knuckle rings
Custom flame clutch (USD$249 = approximately £157):

Tool Roll leather punched (embossed) with skull
Biker leather tooled bag (EUR59.95 = approximately £50):

Sequin flame cami dress (USD$78 + $35 shipping = approximately £72):

Flame ring by Theresa Saint Romain (probably available to order..unpriced):


Flame tights (£7.99):

Wolford flame tights (£35):

and my own personal flaming creation: Probably need to get it photographed and modeled property for a re-upload. but here it is! Available to order.